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    Grate taste... Walt C.
    12/26/2013 11:22 PM

    I had energy green but the taste was bad. I swiched to the energy green zing and the zing has a much better taste. Iv;e always had good energy so this product did not give me any more energy. What this product did for me was it kept me regular. My bowels have not worked this well in 20 years. I can't say enough about this product. I know the zing has more benifits than keeping me regular but if it was the only benifit I will buy it for life.

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    You need to try this!... Lori W.
    09/26/2013 5:16 PM

    I'm not one to believe in "miracle" products, but I decided to give this a try...this product is AMAZING! Within the first 6 days, I began to feel energized (in a good way---not jittery like a caffeine buzz). By day 9, I lost 3 pounds! This was an added bonus, as I did not change my diet or exercise routine. Been on it a month now, and I swear my vision is sharper, my skin is glowing, and I have the energy of an 18 year old! This is the ONLY product of this nature that I have tried that actually DOES WHAT IT SAYS IT WILL DO!!! I was able to convince a VERY skeptical boyfriend to try it, and now he is hooked on this too! Going to order a 12-month supply right now. TRY THIS!!!! You won't be disappointed!

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    CaSondra... CaSondra T.
    12/04/2012 4:36 PM

    I started using All day energy greens in 2007. I have glaucloma and was working with my doctors about treatment. After being on all day energy greens for about 4 months I went back to my doctor and was told that my glaucloma was almost 100% better. All day energy greens not only helped my glaucloma but I had a lot of energy and lost weight, and had clearer skin. I will use this product for the rest of my life. There are other forms of energy greens on the market but I know what this particular product will do. For a pleasant taste mix with a bananna. But I like it better with just water.

  • What is the source (fish,nut,etc) for Omega in this product ? And how does the expiration work if I ordered 12 cans? Do you stagger dates or will they all be getting close to expiration by the the end of the year? I tend to not use products religiously so I expect to be looking at using 12 in 13 months.

    We use Omega 3 powder. If you order a 12 month supply we guarantee that it will be fresh for the amount of time the product is sold for. So for a 12 month supply we insure it will not be expired in that 12 month time frame.

  • Is the stevia in green zing chemically processed?

    None of our products have chemicals in them.

  • Are all your products organic?

    No, not all of our products are organic however they are natural with no additvies or chemcials

Get the same high-octane energy of our ever-popular green drink, All Day Energy Greens, in a soy-free  formula with a great fruity taste. Plus you get the added benefits of health-enhancing Omega 3s and age-defying Resveratrol

Plus All Day Energy Green Zing has NO common allergens and is certified pesticide-free. Make it a part of your daily routine. This dietary supplement contains five full servings of vegetables & fruits to boost energy naturally.

Try All Day Energy Greens Original
Try All Day Energy Greens Fruit Flavor
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Supplement Facts

  Serving Size   9.5 Grams (Approx. 1 scoop)
  Servings Per Container  Approx. 30
  Container Net Weight   285g (10 oz.)
 Amount Per Serving % DV
 Calories    40    
   Calories From Fat   19  
 Total Fat    2 g   3% 
   Saturated Fat   0.5 g 0% 
 Cholesterol    0 mg 0% 
 Sodium   44 mg 1.7% 
 Total Carbohydrate   7 g 2% 
   Dietary Fiber   3 g 12% 
   Sugars   1 g † 
 Protein   2 g 4% 
Vitamin C
  – Ascorbic Acid Natural
  380 mg   633% 
Vitamin E
  (Mixed Tocopherols)
200 IU    667% 
 Proprietary Blend   9.7 g † 
Apple Fiber (Fruit Fiber), Watercress Powder (Leaf), Carrot Juice Powder (Root), Omega 3 Powder, Resveratrol (Root), Yucca (Root), Aloe Vera Powder (Leaf), Fenugreek Powder (Seed), Spirulina, Barley Grass Powder (Leaves), Barley Malt Powder, Grape Seed Ext. (Seed), Green Tea (Leaf), Wheat Grass Powder (Aerial), Cracked Cell Chlorella (Whole), Bilberry Fruit Powder (Fruit), Beet Juice Powder (Root), Nova Scotia Dulse (Plant), Astragalus Powder (Root), Acerola Berry Juice (Fruit), Alpha Lipoic Acid, Panax Ginseng Powder (Root), Red Clover (Dried Flower), Dandelion Powder (Root), Suma Powder (Root), Probiotics 3.7 bill, Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Cellulase, Papain.
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
† Daily Value not established.

Directions: Mix approximately one rounded tablespoon in six to eight ounces of water, juice, or your favorite smoothie.

For maximum freshness refrigerate after opening and use within 90 days.


Pregnant or lactating women should consult a healthcare professional prior to use.

Persons taking prescription medications and those with medical conditions should consult with a healthcare professional before beginning any new dietary supplement. All Day Energy Green Zing™ contains ingredients that are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not recommended to persons under the age of 12.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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